Life Care Plans


A Life Care Plan is a document that outlines the future care of an individual related to an injury and/or illness with associated costs. The methodology utilized by James Quinn to develop a life care plan is the same for both the plaintiff and defense. James’ methodology to develop a life care plan involves a detailed review of the medical records provided. A medical chronology of the client’s care is then produced to identify patterns of care and a thorough understanding of the injury/illness, with any sequela of injury. Next, an in-depth interview between the client, James Quinn, and any caretakers is performed. Read More...

Medical Cost Projections


A medical cost projection is a report that details future medical care based upon the client’s current pattern of care and collaboration with healthcare providers. Often, recommendations are provided by other experts including but not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and vocational experts. Read More...


Life Care Plan Analyses


Often, a life care planner retained by the defense will not have access to the plaintiff, which prevents a life care plan from being developed. An alternative option to determine if reasonable recommendations and costs were included by the plaintiff’s life care planner is to perform an analysis of the life care plan or medical cost projection. Read More...


  • What distinguishes J. Quinn Consulting, LLC?

James Quinn understands the value of an attorney’s time. If a lawyer desires to speak with Mr. Quinn, all he or she needs to do is pick up the phone and call. There is no gatekeeper. Just a prompt response.


Mr. Quinn understands that depositions and trial dates may be changed and are completely out of the attorney’s control. Therefore, Mr. Quinn has flexible deposition and court appearance policy. Who wants to pay for services that were never rendered?

One of the paramount roles of a nurse is to educate. Reports developed by Mr. Quinn provide supporting details for recommendations that are clearly explained, excluding medical jargon when possible and are unbiased and objective.

  • ​What is the methodology used by James Quinn for the formulation of a life care plan?

Mr. Quinn reviews all available medical records, he will interview the client and possibly family members and caregivers, collaborate with other providers as appropriate, and he will research the most up to date resources utilizing statistical and evidenced-based databases. Lastly, he will formulate appropriate recommendations to be included in the life care plan.

James Quinn is dedicated to developing thorough and comprehensive life care plans and medical cost projections with a focus on promoting well supported, accurate and data-driven reports.

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