Medical Cost Projections

A medical cost projection is a report that details future medical care based upon the client’s current pattern of care and collaboration with healthcare providers. Often, recommendations are provided by other experts including but not limited to physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and vocational experts. Medical cost projections often assist in the settlement of cases.


The process to develop a medical cost projection includes a detailed review of the available medical records and experts’ reports. Then, a chronology based on the medical records is produced. This enhances James Quinn’s understanding of the client’s injury or illness and the client’s current pattern of care. Next, the experts’ recommendations are incorporated into the appendices. Additional recommendations by James are considered if there is obvious omitted care in the expert’s report. Costs are obtained utilizing market research and usual, customary, and reasonable charges for the geographical area that the client will obtain services.



If necessary, James is prepared to defend the medical cost projection in writing, in deposition, and during trial. His methodology is consistent, unbiased, and balanced. His role as a life care planner is in part to educate others to understand the rational for the recommendations incorporated into the medical cost projection.

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