Life Care Plans


Attorneys utilize Life Care Plans to outline the future medical care of their client related to an injury and/or illness with associated costs. The methodology utilized by James Quinn to develop a life care plan is the same for both the plaintiff and defense. James’ methodology to develop a life care plan involves a detailed review of the medical records provided. A medical chronology of the client’s care is then produced to identify patterns of care and a thorough understanding of the injury/illness, with any sequela of injury. Next, an in-depth interview between the client, James Quinn, and any caretakers is performed.



During the interview, the client and/or caretakers are queried to determine the manner of which the client’s life has changed since the injury or illness. This includes a detailed functional assessment of the client’s physical capabilities. Also, alterations to her/his activities of daily living are discussed in-depth. The client’s past and current interests are considered to further understand lifestyle adjustments. If possible, James will meet the client in her or his own home to assess the client’s utilization of the home environment to identify possible safety concerns and future care recommendations. Also, current medications, equipment and supplies that are being utilized by the client are also noted as well as the family and caregivers' roles.




Based upon the medical records, the interview, and possible recommendations from healthcare providers and experts, a narrative is produced. The narrative includes the medical chronology, current medications, past medical history, social history, and the current status of the client. The current status details aspects from the interview which discusses the client’s symptoms, changes in behavior, alterations in functionality, and modifications in activities of daily living. Nursing diagnoses are identified. After the information from the narrative is produced, recommendations for future care related to the injury and/or illness are included based upon the pattern of care, collaboration with providers, evidenced based clinical practice guidelines, and James Quinn’s experience as a registered nurse and certified life care planner. Once appropriate recommendations are included with supporting evidence, costs are obtained utilizing market research and usual, customary and reasonable (UCR) charges for the client’s geographical region through a comprehensive medical charges database with over one billion UCR charges.



If necessary, James is prepared to defend the life care plan in writing, in deposition, and during trial. His methodology is consistent, unbiased and balanced. He is an educator whose role is to explain to others in layman's terms how the client’s life has been altered and the rationale for the recommendations incorporated into the life care plan.

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